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Study Session


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16.-23. September 2018

Budapest, Ungarn

Title: Play your part!


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The aim of this study session is to empower urban and rural youth to strengthen youth participation in their communities.


The objectives are:

·         To explore different forms, strengths and obstacles of youth participation in rural and urban areas, and identify the background of the differences

·         To share experiences and good practice regarding how to overcome barriers of youth participation.

·         To define the preconditions for youth participation and to assess the capacities rural and urban youth have for participation.

·         To explore the Revised European Charter of the Participation of Young People in Local and Regional Life within the Human Rights framework defined by Council of Europe and how they can be used to promote youth participation

·         To plan concrete actions for enhancing youth participation and removing barriers for participation of rural and urban youth

·         To promote the importance of targeting a diversity of young people, including young people from disadvantaged backgrounds (e.g. through the Council of Europe “Enter” recommendations)


The study session is facilitated by using non-formal educational methods, where participants will be actively participating in the sessions and discuss their views and experiences on the topic. The sessions include a variety of methods such as group work and visits of experts.

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