LJ Bogen


Call for participants – international seminar “open minds, open doors”


Date 24th-29th of July 2017; arrival day - 24th July, departure day - 29th July


Place Mainz, Don Bosco Haus, Youth hostel Don Bosco, Am Fort Gonsenheim 54, 55122 Mainz, Germany



Even though violent radicalisation is not a new phenomenon in Europe, the ways it has been manifesting recently, the scale of the events and the use of new communication tools is bringing about new challenges. Today extremist attitudes are not triggered by just one single event but they are the result of very intricate and sometimes long term processes. Rural youth is especially vulnerable to this, therefore they are more susceptible to radicalisation.



  • identifying what rural young people and their environment need in order to be
  • resilient and to have strong awareness on radicalization
  • involve participants in information, reflection and action activities in order to develop their self-confidence, their identity awareness and their critical thinking skills
  • using religion as a means to bind people and communities, strengthen the sense of belonging and guiding young people in a positive way
  • prepare young people to act with solidarity and tolerance towards other cultures in order to combat and prevent discrimination
  • empower the participants with the competencies to hold exchanges, communicate online and cooperate across social and cultural boundaries
  • create a common vision of the participants on the issue in discussion, and identify the main points to be brought into attention to the local actors in the following phase of the work plan.


Profile of the participants

  • young people aged between 18-30 years old,
  • young people coming from rural areas from Europe, active in one of MIJARC Europe's member movements,
  • interest in the topic of the rise of extremism in Europe,
  • good command of English,
  • desire to share the outcomes of the seminar at local level


After the seminar, all 36 participants will be in charge of planning and  organizing one round table at local level with the support of their organizations. These meetings will gather representatives of local youth NGOs, young people and local public authorities and will focus on building a common local strategy of building the resilience of young people against radicalisation, starting from the position paper created during the seminar.


Costs: MIJARC Europe will reimburse the maximum amount of € 275. This amount covers the total cost of the travel including local transportation, flight/train tickets. More information on the reimbursement in the call


Participant fee: the fee of € 70 will be covered by Rural Youth Austria!


For further information please see the CALL!



Send your application form until the 14th of May to oelj(at)landjugend.at – Rural Youth Austria will nominate 3 people and forward their application to MIJARC!