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Study Session


                                                 STUDY SESSION


24. Februar - 3. März 2019

Budapest, Ungarn

Title: Democritical


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The aim of this study session is to trough understanding the complications that rural youth are faced with in democratic processes, find innovative and engaging ways of patricipating.


The objectives are:

1) Learn what democratic process is
2) Analyse how rural youth is involved/not involved in the process and recognising the barriers
that hinder youth’s participation in democratic processes
3) Learn how emotions impact democratic processes
4) Look at the possibilities and take action
5) Empower youth to participate in democratic processes
The study session is facilitated by using non-formal educational methods, where participants will be
actively participating in the sessions and discuss their views and experiences on the topic. The
sessions include a variety of methods such as group work and visits of experts.


Participant profile
We are looking for participants who are:
• Active in their sending organisations but do not necessarily possess a leadership role or have
a long experience in youth work,
• interested in working on the study session's aim and objectives,
• motivated to develop knowledge and skills and to share experiences with other participants,
• aged 18-30
• able to work in English
• able to attend for the full duration of the course.

No previous international experience is needed for participation.

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